WOD: Tuesday 9, October 2012

Another date to put in your calendar is the 3rd Annual CFC Freaky 5K!  This is where you dress up in a full out Halloween costume and run a 5K out the CFC door and down the Monon trail and back to CFC!  Afterwards to celebrate your ridiculous outfit we will have a chili/chowder pitch in with a scary ( or funny, who knows) movie displayed on the gym wall!  We will send out more details as we near the end of the month!

Strength: Snatch pulls 7×2 High hang snatches. Perfect form, which means weight will be light

Heaving Snatch Balance 5×3

WOD: 7 min AMRAP Snatch/Pull-up ladder

3 Snatch(95/65)
3 Pull-ups
6 Snatch(95/65)
6 Pull-ups
9 Snatch(95/65)
9 Pull-ups
12 Snatch(95/65)
12 Pull-ups
15 Snatch(95/65)
15 Pull-ups

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