WOD: Thursday 23, August 2012

Today is going to be a little different and a lot of fun! We are doing a short tabata as a warm-up and the it is on to the Snatch Ladder! Let’s have some fun and set some new PR’s

Warm-up: OHS Tabata w/PVC pipe

WOD: Snatch Ladder

Each athlete will have 1 minute to complete the snatch weight that is in front of them. If the athlete completes the snatch movement then after the minute is completed they have 15 seconds to move to the next bar before the next 1 minute time cycle starts. If the athlete cannot complete the weight in front of them in the minute then they are done with the Snatch Ladder and that weight is recorded.

Women’s weights start out at 55lbs and moves up to 125lbs or until the last athlete fails.
Men’s weights start out at 75lbs and moves up to 185lbs or until the last athlete fails.
The weights for each bar will move up by 10lbs per station.

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