WOD: Thursday 18, October 2012

Here are a couple of things coming up this week: the CFC Paleo Challenge is starting on Oct 21st.  Everyone is invited to participate!  If you want in on the money winning portion, you need to do the baseline Filthy 50.  We will be doing the Filthy 50 on Friday the 19th at 12:30pm, Saturday Oct 20th at the 9am and 10am WODs and on Sunday at 2pm.  Please consider joining the CFC paleo Challenge Facebook page to exchange ideas, recipes and general chit chat about the plan.  Pick a partner to do this with!

There will be a farwell to Billy, Lainey and Quinn on Saturday the 21st at Carries and Catherines house at 3pm until 5pm.  Contact Carrie for more details

Today is a great day to be great!

Skill: 2 pull up ladders

Strength: 7×1 (C&J complex. Pwr clean/hang clean/Jerk) Progressive weights

Wod: “Diane
DL (225/155)

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