WOD: Saturday 6, October 2012

As has been tradition here at CFC, when one of our members have a baby, a WOD is written in their honor containing elements of their birth weight, height, date and so on…We are proud to announce the WOD written in honor of Lainey and Billy’s new baby girl, Quinn born after 15 hours of labor on 9/28, weighing 8lbs, length 21 inches!

9am and 10am WOD

WOD: Quinn

15 min AMRAP

8 snatch 135/95

21 wallballs 20/14

9 hang power cleans 135/95

28 calorie row

or:  WOD:Quinnie

15 min AMRAP

8 Ground to Overhead 95/65

21 wallballs 20/14

9 hang power cleans 95/65

28 calorie row

11am OnRamp

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