WOD: Friday 5, October 2012

Here we are at Team Wod Friday again and we have a good one for you!

Team Wod: 5 rounds (2 member teams must complete the reps any way possible)
30 OHS 75/55
30 push press 75/55

Extra Wod: 7 Minute AMRAP (this wod is optional)
Tire Flips – each team will do tire flips for 7 minutes and each flip will reduce their time by 5 seconds.

On another note: Crossfit Carmel will be participating in the online Halloween Throwdown Series Competition. Take a look at the website and register so we can all compete as a gym. The cost is 7.00 and it will give you a great opportunity to compete not only with your community at CFC but with the larger Crossfit community. This looks like a ton of fun and we will provide plenty of time to complete the wod during gym hours.

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