WOD: Friday 26, October 2012

While the Freaky 5k may have been cancelled for today there is no reason we can scare you a little with a Freaky Team Wod!

Team wod: 2 athletes per team

Each team will lift either 5k/10k/15k/20k lbs for time. Teams can either deadlift, power clean or overhead squat their way to the prescribed pounds. Couple of caveats for team wod though.

1. Each Male athlete is worth 10k lbs and each female athlete is worth 5k lbs of weight to be lifted.

2. If you deadlift the required weight it is a 1 to 1 ratio. If you power clean the weight it will be 2:1 and if you OHS the weight it is 3 to 1. (coaches will help with the math….Chris)

3. Both athletes must use the same weight and bar even if it is is a mixed team. (and we will try to make sure all teams are mixed)

4. While 1 athlete is lifting the other athlete must choose to perform air squats, sit-ups, push-ups, or any combination of those. Each rep is worth 2 seconds off or the total time it takes the team to lift the prescribed weights.


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