WOD: Friday 17, August 2012

It’s Friday and here we come again with a team wod!

Team WOD #1

“Team Helen”
3 rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings (50/35)
12 Pull-ups

Each athlete will perform one portion of the wod before the next person can complete theirs. An example would be the first athlete runs his/her 400m then waits while the second athlete runs his/her 400m. The first athlete then does his/her KB swings and then the second athlete follows until the wod is done. Each athlete must perform the full wod.

Team WOD #2

“Pet Rock”
400M run with a set number of movements at each corner.
Corner #1 50 burpees
Corner #2 100 Air Squats
Corner #3 50 burperss
Corner #4 100 Air Squats

Each team will have a “pet rock”…a 50lb KB that must not be set down during the wod. While one athlete works on the movement the other athlete will hold the kettlebell! During this wod it does not matter who does how many reps you just need to decide the fastest way for your team to complete the wod.

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