WOD: Friday 14, September 2012

It is the gateway to the weekend again and I think we should start it off with a team wod!

Team Wod #1 15 minute AMRAP
Row for calories (Each team member must row the same amount of time and every calorie is a point)

Team Wod #2
Bar Hangs w/chin above bar
(Dead hang 2 seconds is a point)
(Red or Yellow band every 5 seconds is a point)
(Blue band every 8 seconds is a point)
(Green band is every 10 seconds)

Team Wod #3 Bonus round (need not participate if you do not want to)
Evil Wheel wheelbarrow races! Distance for each race will be 20′ (have fun!)
Scoring is 30 points for the winning team and 15 points for the losing team.

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