WOD: Friday 12, October 2012

In case you missed the Sunday WOD we did with the CrossFit RoadTrip folks, here it is for your Wodding pleasure!

Teams of 4 do a 4 mile relay….one person runs while others work.  Stick with me here…

So movements are 400m run, ground to overhead at 95/65, burpee box jumps and rest.  Score based on total reps.
Athlete A runs, while Athlete B does g2o, while athlete C does burpees and athlete d rests.  As soon as athlete A finishes run, everyone on team rotates. A now does g2o, b does burpees, c rests and d runs.  So being a 4 mile relay, you would go through the whole cycle 4 times.
Now – most likely if you run slower, your team will get more reps so to balance that, for every 3 seconds your team finishes behind the leader, you lose a rep. So if my team takes an extra minute to finish the 4 miles, we lose 20 reps off our score.
If teams are smaller, we will adjust accordingly!

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