CFE WOD: Thursday 4, October 2012

Tonight will be one of our final field trips of the year, so all of you who enjoy running in the park, make sure you come out tonight. That’s right, were going back to Cool Creek Park, which can mean one of two things – we are either doing an Indian Run or Hill Sprints. I will give you a hint – it’s hill sprints.

Anyhow, let’s meet (Confession – I originally typed “meat” and then got side tracked thinking about bacon so this post took me 5 minutes longer than normal while I tried to decide if bacon and coffee would be considered a full breakfast) at CFC and leave no later than 6:35. If you want to meet (no joke, I just did it again…#bacon) at the park, be there by 6:45.

WOD: 10 x Hill Sprints

The recovery on these will be like all our other hill sprints. Walking recovery back to the bottom with an extra 20-30 seconds before going again. See you tonight.

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