CFC Paleo Challenge

It is time for another Paleo Challenge!  So many of you have asked us about when a new one will start so let’s get this started on Oct 21st and ending on Nov 18th.  We are doing things a little bit differently to peak your interest a bit and to keep this challenging and fun everyday!

We will start with the Filthy 50 baseline on Sat Oct 20th at the 9am and 10am classes.  You will need to take a picture of yourself from the front, side and back as well as record measurements of your chest, upper arms, thighs and waist.  The winners will be determined by the end results of the pictures, measurements and final Filthy 50 score.

To add a bit of fun, one of our members found a great Paleo Challenge idea from the Carrotsncake blog so we are going to implement this extra point system.  We will have a separate winner for the point system. We will also be setting up a FB page specifically for the challenge to be a sounding board, an accountability tool and a place to share ideas, struggles or recipes! The FB page will be private and by invite only so when you come in to do your baseline or at anytime during the challenge you can let me know you want in on the FB thing and I’ll give your name to my lovely assistant!

Here is the article:

Even more exciting, we will do this with partners!  Teams of 2 people will work in perfect harmony with the challenge.  On Saturday at baseline time, the coach will explain all of the rules pertaining to the Filthy 50.  We will have a buy in of $20 per person.  You will turn this cash only payment into Brenda, at the gym.  We will have a men’s winner and a women’s winner.  We will also have a prize for the highest points earned. You can still participate even if you don’t want to “buy in” but of course you won’t be eligible for any of the winnings!



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